Darren Bideaux RV

Darren Bideaux RV is a young, locally owned business looking to further establish itself in the RV market in a medium sized city. The key with Darren Bideaux RV was to maximize the return on their investment (ROI) in marketingĀ as the budget, at least at first, was limited.

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Because we needed to maximize ROI, we needed to be able to scale our winning campaigns and cut our losing one quickly. The key to being able to do that is tracking ROI, and there is no better medium for tracking ROI than digital. Thus, we used digital as our primary medium early on in the campaign.

Darren Bideaux RV’s budget has increased since we started working with them, and we have done some mass marketing campaigns. However, we always think Digital first with Darren Bideaux RV.


Lead Generation

Darren Bideaux RV has a fantastic sales staff, so they didn’t need us to sell their products with our marketing material. They just needed to get as many highly qualified leads as possible. Our focus was getting them as many leads as possible from as many different sources as possible so that we could asses the quality and cost of each lead, and optimize our campaigns to bring them a greater return on investment.

Direct Response

Once we decided to go digital, and we determined the goal of lead generation, it was all about finding the best direct response channels for Darren Bideaux RV and monitoring and optimizing our messaging on those channels.

Direct response marketing is all about finding people who are already in various stages of the buying cycle (they have already decided, to some degree, that they want what Darren Bideaux RV is selling), and directing them to Darren Bideaux RV.

While we truly believe that strong branding will make any direct response campaign more successful. We and Darren Bideaux RV were very happy with the early results of our efforts as they got more highly qualified leads, and experienced an uptick in sales.