Rocky Mountain Raceway

Rocky Mountain Raceways’ (RMR) business thrives off of the masses. They provide fantastic, family friendly entertainment, and they need people to come out and watch. Thus, the strategy for RMR was a branding and awareness campaign to let all of Utah know how awesome RMR is alongside a digital campaign targeted at the people most likely to come out to the races.


The challenging part (some would say the fun part) of the RMR branding is that racing appeals to so many different audiences. There are die-hard race fans, families looking for a fun outing, first time attendees, and many others. There are also different types of races (drag, monster trucks, stock, modified, etc.)

We decided on a branding campaign that is highly visual, just like the event itself. The only way to truly experience racing is to be there, so we had to give people a taste of what it is like to be there while educating possible new race fansĀ on the different kinds of races they can see. Thus, the branding is highly focused on the cars and the races, and it highlights the visual aspect of the event.

Mass Marketing

The more people that come to a race the better. We needed to get the word out about RMR, appeal to as wide of an audience as possible, and do it within their budget. That is why we decided on some highly strategic billboard placings with fantastic creative. We also do takeovers of the highest traffic news and information sites in the state of Utah. The idea is to send massive amounts of traffic to the website to learn more about the fun to be had at the race track.


Like our branding strategy, our digital strategy is highly visual (lots of video, and great images). We use Facebook and YouTube pre-roll to target a mix of local people and people who are already race fans and are likely to come to an event. We do this based on demographics and interests on Facebook and by videos that they are about to or have already watched on YouTube. With our high quality creative, we end up getting RMR in front of thousands of high quality eyeballs for only pennies per view.

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