Web Design and Development

It is essential for any business today to have a strong online presence, and things are constantly changing in the digital world. Oz Marketing has the team and knowledge to help you through the muddy waters of online development. We have created numerous websites and web based applications with huge success in generating customer traffic and leads.

Fully Custom Designed Websites

The first step in creating a great online presence is by creating a website that is both user friendly, and will be easy for search engines to read. With Oz Marketing you will love the way your site works, and looks!

Built on a Search Engine Friendly Platform

We build our websites on a blog based platform which is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it is easy for search engines to read! Most our websites are built out on WordPress, and this allows for easy and quick changes to be made throughout the site. When you do your website with us we will include some training on how to use the web based platform we build your website on.

Dynamic Website Template with Mobile in Mind

Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever, and more conversions/leads come from mobile devices than any other device. That means your site needs to be created on a responsive template that guarantees easy use across multiple devices.

Embedded Google Analytics

When we build you a website we make sure you’re able to track the performance of that site, so you’ll know how many visitors you have, what your bounce rate is, where your traffic is coming from, and what sources of advertising provide you with the best results.