Avis Car Sales – Oz Marketing

Avis Car Sales

Our marketing strategy for Avis Car Sales includes the following four pillars:

  • Branding
  • On-site/in-store experience
  • Events/Community
  • Direct Response

We strongly believe that, while direct response marketing gets the best return on investment, creating a quality brand image that the community can relate to is the key to the company’s success.


Avis is a used car lot where people can go to get a high quality vehicle at an affordable price. With the Avis brand, the goal has always been to reflect high quality at low prices without using messaging that is thought of as “stereotypical” for a used car lot. We have done this by focusing on the various ways which Avis can help people get into the right car for the right price.

In-Store Experience

It is important that when people walk into Avis, they feel like it is a legitimate, classy business as opposed to a stereotypical used car lot. The in-store advertising is an extension of the branding. It looks clean and high quality, yet simplistic.


Community has been a strong focus in Avis’ marketing mix. We have helped them establish multiple events each year that attract a lot of people and great brand recognition in Avis’ city. This further serves the message that Avis is not a cheap used car lot, but a business that cares about it’s community and provides high quality products at an affordable price.

Direct Response

Because Avis is in the used car market, there is a lot of room for direct response marketing. The first order of business was to spend as much resource as possible crafting highly effective SEM campaigns. We have achieved upwards of 500% return on investment with SEM for Avis, and we continue to optimize and improve this channel. We have also helped them to diversify their direct response marketing mix to create more profitable advertising channels.