Our Team – Oz Marketing

Our Team


Winslow Young

Director of Marketing

Tim Genovesi

Director of Operations

Christine Jensen

Controller, Officer Manager

Derek Gallegos

Mass Media Manager

Laura Stevens

Project Manager

Heather Miya

Public Relations Manager

Account Representatives

Aubrey Merrill

Account Rep Manager

Maddi Toone

Account Rep

Hannah Pierce

Account Rep

Katie Dexter

Account Rep

Abraham Rodriguez

Account Rep

Mekell Moss

Account Rep

Hannah Cook

Account Rep

Abbie Whiteman

Account Rep

Racer McAtee

Account Rep

Haylee Judkins

Account Rep Intern


Lucia Gonzalez

Co-Op Manager

Sienna Janes

Co-Op Specialist

Caitlin Porter

Co-Op Specialist


AJ Herold

Development Manager

Email: aj@ozteam.com

Lauren Rowley

Web Developer

Cory Hale

Web Developer
Brian Whitesides
WordPress/Web Developer

Connor Kelly

Development Support Specialist


Skyler Becraft

Digital Team Manager

Avery Winter

Digital Copywriting Specialist

Jofre Ruck

Social Media Specialist

Brittany Fuhs

Digital Marketing Specialist

Graphic Design

Zane Judkins

Director of Graphic Design

Ethan Wilkins

Graphic Designer

Grace Barker

Graphic Designer

Sam Platt

Graphic Designer/Video Production

Email: sam@ozteam.com

Jennifer Weeks

Graphic Designer


Luke Draper

Creative Director

Dylan Lunt

Commercial Director

Brie Seaton

Motion Designer/Animator

Jonathan Maeler


Print & Main Shop

Lynne Shepard

Print Shop Manager